The Sun

A few days ago, while we were driving around town, Evie started talking about the sun.  It occurred to me that it would be a great time to expand her knowledge a bit with a fact that I thought would be interesting to her. Me: Evie, the sun is a star. Intense silence radiated from the backseat. Me: Did you know that Evie?  The sun is a star. Evie: The sun is out in the day time not night time. Me: That's true! But the sun is our very special star.  Stars are made of fire.  The fire keeps our planet warm and makes it light in the day time. Evie: We don't touch fire. Me: Right!  But the sun is very far away, so far away that you could never touch it. Evie: The sun is NOT made of fire. Things went down hill from there and I had to drop the subject before she got a more worked up.  I thought (and perhaps hoped) that we were done and could let the subject lie until she was oh say 14 and ready to discuss it again. No such luck. IMG_0311

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