Aaaaaaaand done.

Evie finally made it to her big birthday party and oh what a party it was.  She and her friends enjoyed the heck out of the SEE Science Center (aka The Dinosaur Museum).  Evie and her little superhero buddies ran amok and I was very tickled to hear Evie shout out to her buddy Anna "Let's go find some crime!".  (The never found any.  The Dinosaur Museum's general lack of crime is one of it's many fine qualities.)  We brought one very pooped 4 year-old home (and one shouty baby who waited out the festivities at Grammy's house) and kept her up just long enough to get her presents opened before sending her off to bed.  My money is on her sleeping in tomorrow but I've been wrong about such things before.  Regardless, she has now celebrated her 4th birthday four times and I think we're all ready for calmer seas. Happy Birthday Kiddo! DSC_0008