Halloween: Part 1

We kicked off Halloween a little early today with Evie and Suzy's school parade.  Evie was very excited to wear her dragon costume and Suzy was thrilled to be allowed to sleep through the whole thing in a stroller.  Grammy came along to watch and I was very grateful for some extra hands!  After a trip home for some lunch and a rest we headed back out to Joe's work for his office trick-or-treat.  Evie made a point of collecting as many lollipops as possible much to the great disappointment of her mother who was hoping to liberate some chocolate after the dear little ones headed off to bed.  Oh well, there's always tomorrow. parade3

Thank You

What a week we've had.  I had my gallbladder out last Thursday and between the challenges of dealing with a sick gallbladder and the recovery from the surgery we have needed a lot of help.  Grammy spent several days last week at our house taking care of Suzy when I was struggling.  Then Grandma flew up at the end of the week to get us through the surgery recovery.  Suzy also started daycare yesterday (a week early) to give me a little more time to rest up.  It wasn't exactly the end to my maternity leave that I had envisioned but Joe and I are so very grateful to have had all the help.  Now we just need to get Suzy adjusted to her new routine so we can get started on our new family normal.
Daycare Day One!

Daycare Day One!

Art Studio

Today Evie read a Fancy Nancy story called "Aspiring Artist" and was so very inspired that she's been playing Art Studio all day long.  It's really been pretty cute.  All of her stuffed animals have been painting up a storm and she's be working hard to design the perfect studio space.  After we got back from the bookstore this afternoon Evie went upstairs to her room for quiet time and quickly got to work on her latest art studio.  After 30 minutes or so Joe went up to her room to ask her if she wanted to run some errands with him.  She declined, she was too busy with her game (a first for us!).  Unfortunately, it seems she got a bit too involved in the creative process.  Joe noticed that several pages of my For Better or For Worse comic books had been torn out.  When I asked her about it she told me that she needed that paper for her art studio. Wrong answer Kiddo. The books have been taped back together and removed from her room.  I have refused to come visit her latest art studio set-up and, as a result, have been listening to choruses of "I'm so angry that you won't come into my art studio" and "You won't let me do anything" all afternoon.  In the end, I have no doubt that Evie, who is already a great lover of books, will grow up to be a respecter of books as well. And, for what it's worth, she didn't lay a hand on Calvin and Hobbes. torn book

Mad Hatter Tea Party

Evie and I attended a fundraiser for the Children's Hospital at Dartmouth called the Mad Hatter Tea Party.  Evie got to dress up as one of her favorite characters (Eloise) and we met up with one of her very best friends at the event.  The Tea Party was the prelude to a gala evening (adults only).  Each table at the gala was designed by a local business and the kids at the Tea Party got to judge each table.  There were at least 20 tables and the children weren't allowed to touch them which proved to be a bit of a challenge.  We made it through though and Evie and her buddies had a great time.  Especially when they found out that ice cream was being served once the judging was complete! IMG_9091   Ballet class this week, while not quite as thrilling as a costume tea party, was another big success and oh so very adorable.  Click below for another video! Ballet Class

Apple Picking

We made our annual trip to Mack's to pick apples today.  This was the first year Evie could really pick her own apples and she loved it.  Her class studied apples last week so she was well-prepared for our trip.  When her teachers asked her at the start of the week what was inside an apple she apparently answered "lollipops".  (Some of her classmates were equally uninformed; other answers included "a machine", "a house", "a truck and juice", and "a spaceship".)  At the end of the week she was full of apple facts. She will now confidently tell you about the seeds inside the apple (and that you shouldn't eat them).  When I asked her what happens if you plant the seeds in the ground she told me that an apple will grow.  When I asked her what that apple will be growing on she told me "a vine".  Here's to hoping she has that last one sorted out now. apple5