Disney on Ice

Tonight, Evie and I went to the 7pm showing of Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream.  It was almost 2 hours of princesses on ice skates and Evie loved every minute of it.  She refused to get off my lap at the intermission I think because she didn't want to miss anything when the show started again.  She kept asking me when it would be her turn to skate and even when I finally convinced her that she wouldn't be skating with the princesses she couldn't quite let it go.  On the way home she informed me that she would be skating with the princesses "next time".  She assured me that her teachers have told her that she already knows how to skate.  She did think that someone should get her "skaters" for her birthday though.  All-in-all it was a very successful evening! IMG_0363

Apple Picking!

It's that time of year again and even though the weather was a bit damp we still went out to give baby a quintessential New England experience.  (And to get apples for pie!)  We didn't pick our own this year but Evie seemed perfectly happy to get her apples from the apple stand.  Maybe next year we'll give the trees a try!