Merry Christmas!

The girls had a very nice Christmas in New Hampshire.  Evie still doesn't quite understand the Santa myth well enough to have a handle on how Christmas morning is supposed to go but after we tore her away from her examination of the empty cookie plate she was very happy to open her presents.  I was a little worried that she'd bored with her gifts after the first hour or so (which the Internet tells me is a thing to be worried about) but Evie was very happy to play with her new toys all day.  The stars of the show were her new easel and the My Little Pony Castle but her new collection of dragon and dinosaur action figures were quite popular too.  I'm hoping that we can get into the new books and puzzles tomorrow.  Evie's hoping she'll be able to get into her new craft projects but Mama and Daddy are bound and determined to get the house put back in order before we start creating new messes.  Suzy, for her part, was very happy to receive an exciting variety of small colorful toys many of which make noise.  She very carefully tasted them all and seems quite pleased with the lot.  All in all it was a wonderful Christmas and now that the girls are in bed Joe and I are rounding the day out with BBQ from Jack Stack and a viewing of The Martian.

Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night!DSC_0044