Baby’s First Hospital Stay

Dear Suzy, Someday we're going to be chatting idly about one thing or another and we'll get to the subject of your first hospital stay.  (Naturally the one right after you were born really doesn't count.)  Right now it's all so clear to me that I wonder how I could ever forget it...but I will of course, the details at least.  So, with that in mind, here is the story. On Saturday December 26th you had a very nice day but a rocky night.  Nothing concrete, just generalized unhappiness that we chose to combat with Tylenol.  I was still recovering from a pretty big surgery of my own so we were thrilled when you seemed perfectly healthy on Sunday.  Monday December 27th we sent you off to daycare assuming all was well.  That night though, after we put you to bed, you started coughing; it was a nasty rasping cough that had us staring at the baby monitor.  By 1AM your Daddy had had enough and settled himself in the rocker in your room with you in his lap so you could sleep upright for the rest of the night.  I did a little Internet research and concluded that you might have Croup.  Tuesday morning you were no better so, while Daddy took Evie to daycare, I called the pediatrician.  It was no great surprise that they wanted to see you and as soon as Daddy got home we turned around and took you in to see the doctor.  (Daddy had a pretty bad cold of his own so he was home from work.)  Everyone at the pediatrician's office agreed that you sounded awful and the doc's differential included flu, whooping cough, and RSV.  She sent some nasal swabs out for testing (you hated that) and by 5pm that evening we knew you had RSV.  Unfortunately, there wasn't much we could do for you except try to keep you comfortable, but you seemed pretty happy in spite of it all so we weren't too worried.  For the rest of Tuesday and all of Wednesday you hung out at home with Mommy and Daddy and Grammy (since I wasn't supposed to be doing any heavy lifting; at 19lbs 13oz you counted as heavy lifting!). By Thursday December 31st you weren't so happy any more.  You had also started eating less.  In fact, after taking 4 ounces of formula at 11:10am (a small meal for you) you stopped eating all together.  By 7pm (and with Uncle Shawn on his way over with Chinese food for New Year's Eve) we decided to call the pediatrician again.  Naturally, we got the night nursing service (you had great timing for this illness!) and were told that you had to eat in the next 30 minutes or we were headed to the ER.  We were thrilled when you finally took the bottle but it turned out that was only half of our problem.  As the night went on it became more and more obvious that you were working harder and harder to breathe. You and I spent the night in the recliner; you slept fitfully and I watched your every breath.  By 8AM on January 1st we were on the phone with the pediatrician's office yet again.  Much to my great relief they were open for sick visits!  We got in right away and even got to see our beloved pediatrician, Dr. Shessler.  He took one look at you and sent us to Elliot Hospital.  He said you were working too hard to breathe to be at home and needed professional monitoring.  Off we went to the ER were we spent several hours watching some truly lovely nurses try everything to ease your breathing.  Nothing worked though so you were admitted for the night. After Daddy saw you and I settled into Room 328 he dashed home to get an overnight bag for me and some extra sleepers for you.  He then had to turn around and head back out to collect your big sister from Grammy and Grampy.  You and I spent two nights in the hospital. (Daddy and I had to give up our tickets to the new Star Wars movie for Saturday night!)  You were off of the supplemental oxygen after the first night but it took a little longer to get you to eat again.  Finally though, on Sunday January 3rd, we headed home. You are tired, sore from all the coughing, and 10 ounces lighter than you were when you went in but your smiles are back.  Throughout the entire ordeal though you were such a little trooper.  The nurses all gushed over your sunny disposition and commented on your beautiful blue eyes.  Several of them wanted to nom-nom your chubby little cheeks (which was a big no-no since you are contagious and everyone who came into your room had to wear a mask and gown).  You can't go back to daycare just yet so you'll be hanging out with Mommy and Grammy again this week but I don't think you'll mind.  We are all thrilled to have you home again and you definitely seem happy to back in your house with your family.  Now you just have to get all the way better and we can put this little episode behind us.  Get better soon Little Girl! Love, Mommy PS: Don't be getting ideas about a repeat performance next year!  We'd like to have a proper New Year's Eve :o)

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