9 Months! (and change)

So time got away from us a bit but Suzy did make 9 months a couple days ago and we even managed to get our picture the day after.  There are a bunch of new photos in the May gallery.  Owing a recent OS upgrade my photo management is a bit wonky at present but hopefully we'll be back up and running soon! DSC_0055


In the produce aisle at the grocery store... Evie: Does eating spinach really give you superpowers? Me: Yes, but you have to eat a lot of it for a long long time. Evie: Will Daddy share his superpowers with me? Me: No Sweetie, everyone has to eat their own spinach.

Aaaaaaaand done.

Evie finally made it to her big birthday party and oh what a party it was.  She and her friends enjoyed the heck out of the SEE Science Center (aka The Dinosaur Museum).  Evie and her little superhero buddies ran amok and I was very tickled to hear Evie shout out to her buddy Anna "Let's go find some crime!".  (The never found any.  The Dinosaur Museum's general lack of crime is one of it's many fine qualities.)  We brought one very pooped 4 year-old home (and one shouty baby who waited out the festivities at Grammy's house) and kept her up just long enough to get her presents opened before sending her off to bed.  My money is on her sleeping in tomorrow but I've been wrong about such things before.  Regardless, she has now celebrated her 4th birthday four times and I think we're all ready for calmer seas. Happy Birthday Kiddo! DSC_0008

A Big Three Years Old

For the past couple of months anytime anyone asked Evie how old she was she would answer "I'm a big three years old!".  It was adorable.  Much like her saying lan-ter-in for lantern and "the day before this day" for yesterday, it was a lovely reminder that even our wonderfully verbal daughter was still just a very little girl after all.  For the last few weeks though her answer to the question "How old are you?" has been a little different.  Now she's much more likely to tell you that she is 3 years old and provide you with the number of days left before she turns 4.  She is growing up and looking toward her future.  She doesn't need to be a "big three years old" anymore because soon she will be 4 and, one presumes, the "big" part will be assumed.  She has come a long way this year.  She's mastered daytime potty training, learned how to draw things that actually resemble what they are, and, most importantly of all, become an excellent big sister.  Evie is always ready to cheer up a sad Suzy with a silly face, wacky noise, or a lullaby of her own invention. She's usually on the scene before I even get a chance to respond.  And Suzy loves her big sister oh so very much.  Every morning when Evie comes in to say hello Suzy responds with excited shouts and full body movements that make it clear that she is trying to will herself into her sister's arms.  It amazes me just how obvious a 7 month old baby can make her love for the big sister who is the most outstanding thing in her world. And tomorrow my first baby will be 4.  I've still got a couple hours though.  A couple hours left having a big three years old. Don't grow up too fast kiddo. DSC_0003-2 DSC_0518 DSC_0002 DSC_0081_3 DSC_0015

Happy Easter!

We had a great time spending time with the Stelmachs today.  Evie really enjoyed hanging out with her cousins and Suzy was held to her heart's content.  Both girls were in bed early and should sleep well tonight!  (Also, there are a bunch of new photos in the February and March galleries :o) IMG_1228